Saturday, February 2, 2013

http://www.smileycodes.infoThanks For "Istanbul Aku Datang"

Dua hidup yang dah sebati tak semudah itu untuk di leraikan.
 Hai ! Malam ni I tidur lambat sikit dari biasa atas sebab yang I sendiri tak tahu. I know that such as an annoying reason but it’s true. Malam ni, I tak tahu kenapa I rasa serba tak kena. I macam blur semacam la. I try to put some effort to make my eyes close but I’m failed. Jyeah! Please laugh for my failures to control my own self la kan. I dah penat ! I’m so tired for all yang I dah cuba. I dah penat nangis untuk orang lain and I don’t think that I will waste my tears for him again. 

Tapi kalau benda tu memudaratkan,
Kita kena buang jugak kan?
Crying For him again and again before? HAHA(!) Look how stupid I am ?  So, today I just decided to not crying for him again. He leave me for others and that’s means I have a right to forget him too la. Dia pun bukannya sempurna mana sangat pun sampai I kena sentiasa berharap dia jadi pendamping hidup I selamanya.
Thanks a lot for “Istanbul Aku Datang " because you teach me how to forget to give a second chances for the same person that make me hurts before and at the same time, you teach me that I have to dare to accept and give a first chances who waiting for me. ^_^ Really enjoy watching this film.
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